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Note EROs can use the Acknowledgement File information translated by the transmitter to complete Form 9325. Catalog Number 12901K www.irs.gov Form 9325 Rev. 1-2017 The IRS uses refunds to cover overdue taxes and notifies you when this occurs. Form January 2017 Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service Acknowledgement and General Information for Taxpayers Who File Returns Electronically Thank you for participating in IRS e-file. Taxpayer name Taxpayer address optional Your federal...
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Thank you for your cooperation. A tax return is an electronic document provided by the Internal Revenue Service to a taxpayer to provide tax information, including information on tax liability. The return must be filed electronically if you have any questions about the information on your return. Please be aware that the return cannot be filed with Form 3949, Request for Taxpayer Electronic Processing when: Form 3949 is filed electronically. Is filed electronically. Form 4797 is filed on paper. Is filed on paper. Form 4968 (Notice and Return of Overpayment to the IRS) is filed on paper. ) is filed on paper. A Form 941 (payment of income tax and social security, Medicare, and FTA taxes that were withheld from your paychecks) is filed on paper. We cannot process returns that do not meet the requirements listed above, including the following: A tax return is NOT considered complete until it has been accepted by IRS. You may be able to complete this part of the process if you file your return later than 30 days after the taxpayer's due date. However, to be able to file, your return must comply with the requirements listed above. After filing, IRS cannot accept your return and send a reminder notice if you need to: If we do not receive a return within 30 days after filing, we may notify you by mail that your return submission was received, but you may not receive an email to let you know. We will not process your return if you submit a return using the “Mail your return” option on IRS.gov or send it by fax. If you file an electronic return, you may download the form and complete it online. When you submit your return, an e-file agent will take your return and return information electronically to the IRS. There are no return preparation fees for e-file returns. Electronically sign your return to receive your acknowledgment and e-file instructions. If you wish, you can mail your completed return, along with supporting documents, to the address on your e-file agreement. Please include your original taxpayer identification number. You may not need to file Form 4797 to determine if you have paid a tax that can be refunded under the Internal Revenue Code. If you need assistance with your return, you can get technical assistance from a CPA or a person from the IRS Information Technology department.
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493 25 acknowledgment and general information for taxpayers who file returns electronically is used to notify taxpayers of the status of their file return you can print this form from View mode, or you can have Drake automatically email form 90 325 to the taxpayer when they're method return has been accepted to turn on the feature that automatically emails your clients in ninety-three twenty-five when the return has been accepted go to setup options from the EF tab check the box to enable the email ninety-three twenty-five notice two taxpayers this option needs to be enabled before the return is e-filed and the taxpayers valid email address is accurately entered on screen one of the return you can enable or disable this option on a per-return basis from the EF screen of the clients return and that's your Drake tip
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